From business prototyping to enterprise application development and from mobile application development to 24/7 support & customization:

VCS is at the heart of the complete software spectrum of services on Salesorce CRM.

About Us

Value Cloud Services, a perfect blend of Certified Teams with an array of skills that encompass both industry and technical knowledge on Salesforce CRM and Vlocity Industry Cloud across diverse verticals.

The power of a company depends on the company it keeps and the alliances it makes. We at Value Cloud Services believe in collective efforts of our dynamic teams and strategic partnerships we have built with the blue chips over the years. To tackle the digital challenges of the present day, any client relies on a resource that is equipped with a can-do attitude and laced with technical brilliance along with a critical eye in detecting the devil in the details.

Our consultants bring real world experience and domain expertise to help achieve transformation around global outsourcing, IT cost optimization, complex package integration and risk management.

With our vast experience in open source technologies, we help our clients undergo business transformation through creating or customizing solutions to suit their business needs. We built long lasting relationships with our clients being an ally and true partner in every step of customer digital transformation journey.

Turn your team into a deal-winning machine.

When work flows, trust grows. Collaborate in real time, instantly share insights, maintain compliance, and make smarter, faster decisions from anywhere with Financial Services Cloud and Slack.

Empower senior bankers, analysts, compliance managers, and group heads to drive deeper client relationships. Manage pipelines, collaborate efficiently across deal teams, leverage internal and third-party data, and ensure information is shared with the right people at the right time.

Embrace the industry’s digital imperative with omni-channel engagement, agile product innovation, and automated processes. Quote and issue policies, transact service requests, and adjudicate claims all from a single cloud platform.

CRM Solution for Online Retail

Find new customers and manage hundreds of campaigns across social sites, mobile publishers, and ad ecosystems with Advertising Studio from Marketing Cloud. Visualise and report on ad performance in a few clicks, so you can reach out to shoppers with the right offer, at the right time.

Create personalised, scalable journeys that deliver the right offer to shoppers at the right time on the right channel — across email, mobile, social, web, and more.

Make the shopping experience seamless across the web, social, mobile, and stores. Enable omnichannel order management capabilities that let shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell and fulfill anywhere.

Communicate on a person-to-person level.

Salesforce solutions for communications gives customers, reps, agents and retailers clear, fast, easy access to all the information they need. So customers enjoy a more cohesive, personalised experience at every step.

Customer service isn’t about bandwidth, it’s about personal connections. Salesforce transforms customer care, using collaborative systems to help reps know each individual customer better.

Companies use Salesforce social and mobile cloud solutions to make sure customers always get connected to the right person, with the information needed to help. So every call is personal, positive and productive.

Deliver on your mission with more impact.

Now departments and agencies of all sizes can overcome the “digital dilemma” with Salesforce Government Cloud. That’s the gap between where you want to expend resources – on continually innovating and improving processes – and where you’re compelled to – on costly maintenance and propping up legacy IT systems. Empower your team with capabilities that allow you to deliver outcomes that exceed key success criteria in an innovative, open, fast, easy, and trusted manner.

Count on a platform that’s secure, transparent, and compliant. We’ve continually earned the industry’s top compliance standards, including in Australia ASD has awarded iRAP Certification to Salesforce for specified cloud services. Trust.salesforce.com is the Salesforce community's home for real-time information on system performance and security.